She Was MY Mum……

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I do hope you are able to allow me a little self indulgence today, I promise there is a link to sewing!

11.01.10 at 11.10am the girl who grew up at 110 Queens Avenue left, it was just her and I at her parting. Just as it had been in the beginning as the midwife had left the room when she delivered me. So it was me and my Mum at my beginning and me and my Mum at her passing. Just as it should be, a painful 4 year old memory now but I still believe something greater was at play.

An only child to utterly devoted parents, my Mum and I were inseperable. She had been abandoned at the age of 2 so had no Mother figure to mould herself on, the sum result was a bit of an odd relationship for the onlooker. Normal to me of course. Yet her ending was a cruel one with just 8 weeks notice, this left me reeling and suprisingly angry. My anger only subsided 23 months later when my darling Dad had to go. He was a class act my Dad. He waited until he felt I was coping a bit better then he just popped off at just 48 hours notice. The hospital said ‘come see him one last time but be warned he will be asleep, the morphine’. Well they didn’t know my Dad. We (me, HH, DD1 & DD2) arrived and we had one PERFECT hour with the man I am proud to call MY Dad. He woke up and nattered away to us all, we laughed, hugged, told each other of our love for one another and as we left he said “love you my darling, see you later”. I knew it would be much later.

If we , prior to our birth draw cards for our parents then I drew the King and Queen of Hearts.

My Dad was a calm, gentle, loving, forgiving, kind and funny man. He set the bar pretty darn high for any potential Husbands yet I lucked out and did marry a man with so many of my Dad’s qualities.

As for my Mum she was my guide, confident, my spirit, my enemy as well as my friend. This sparky, firey artistic woman was born as WW2 started but she would have done better to be born 20 years later as the world would have had a place for her. She never did fit the 1950’s housewife mould.  She worked in computers in the 1970’s when computers took up whole buildings, she was a trail blazer but she would have benefited from more relaxed views for young woman had she been born a bit later.

That said she did inherit the wonderous skills that women of that era possess in spades. Thrifty, creative, talented at EVERYTHING!

Mum’s particular love was for sewing. Hence, my love for sewing. She started me young, age 4 on a pencil case. By 8 or 9 I could easily make a zipped skirt with waistband and a full hand finish to hem, inner waistband and lining! Pretty cool huh? Of course I didn’t realise what a gift she was giving me. In truth only since she has gone have I really started sewing with any level of passion again. Now I am on the back foot as I MUST teach my daughters, her grand daughters. It would be utterly remiss of me to allow this gift to die with me.

I have taken photo’s of some of my old photo’s to share here with you. Every sewn garment my Mum is wearing she made. I had an enviable wardrobe too as she only had me to deal with, she channeled all her efforts into some fantastics clothes. I clearly remember she made me and my childhood best friend a bomber jacket each. It was a polyester with a small repeat graphic of a 1920’s lady, shoulders up with her wonderous head piece. We thought we were the dogs dangly bits in our very fashionable yet unique bomber jackets. Wish I could find a picture.

The art has carried me through my life even when I don’t realise it. I have tended to take for granted the skill set I possess courtesy of the wonderful woman who was/is my Mum.

My wedding day is littered with me and Mum. We made all the dresses, hats, muffs, table flowers, wedding cake. Then my daughters were Christened in the gown I was Christened in, which was made from my Mum’s wedding dress. God willing my grandchildren will be Christened in it too.

For those of you who like a bit of retro I hope you enjoy the pictures, Mum modelling her own creations (she was just 19 when she married Dad), Dad rocking the look….. even in sandles with socks!! Right through to my wedding in February 1990.

I am proud to be my Mothers daughter and thank her for the gifts she so generously bestowed upon me. Now I am learning to remember her without tears everytime it has been lovely to sit here and share a little of MY Mum with you. The woman who taught me to sew. x

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  1. JacqC
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 10:54:25

    I love your photos – how wonderful that your sewing links you directly to your Mum and all those precious memories x


  2. Maggie
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 12:08:48

    You made tears come to my eyes


  3. nataliec1603
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 15:01:13

    A very touching post x


  4. Laurie
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 16:32:04

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing. Your parents seem like very wonderful people! Who have a wonderful daughter!


  5. Geraldine
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 18:24:48

    what a lovely tribute to your mom. I could relate in a lot of ways too.

    My mom and I were always sewing and knitting together, she was an expert, I did pretty darn good too, but never quite up to her level of skill.

    On the days when I’m really weepy now, missing her, I bring these special times to mind and I’m grateful for having them. So many people don’t have good memories like that to look back on.

    Thanks so much for sharing these with us, made me tear up a bit, but in a warm, fuzzy way.


  6. CurlsnSkirls
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 22:28:15

    Thank you for sharing so much of your loving parents. In getting to know you, I see all their care being passed along by you & your husband to your daughters. Nice to hear about happy families.
    xxx del


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  8. Fiona M
    Jan 18, 2014 @ 10:13:41

    This is a lovely post and made me tear up a bit. I’m really glad you have such happy memories to live with. The photos are great, they look just like the ones I have of my own parents – same era, same fashions, possibly even the same beach!


    • oursewingpatch
      Jan 18, 2014 @ 10:38:54

      Aren’t they wonderful these old pictures we have to stay connected to the past. Our kids dont print pictures out so I wonder how they will remember? Those old knitted swimsuits ……. Eeeew bet they felt awful when wet 🙂 x


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