Flora Multiplication

Flora Multiplication

When bored or stressed this is what I crochet, the counting keeps me calm. Believe me NOTHING else gets into my head when counting .. I can multi task, I can eat chocolate and listen to the radio at the same time. Yep! (Nodding to self in satisfaction). Good night lovely blog world, plan to get update of my most recent workshop up as soon as possible and hope you enjoy the pictures, was a great group of ladies.



I Had Daughters For A Reason ….

I Had Daughters For A Reason ....

…eldest finds watching me crochet a painful task, apparently I make it look awkward having thumbs that live in the wrong place (arthritis) so she made these Fimo handles for me. How wonderful is she?! They have been given a minor test drive and by gum the difference it makes to me is positively SUPERB! Can you use those 2 words together? English female asking how to write English …. Not good but hey ho Im wicked at sewing :0)



Now I see it a few days later me thinks a counsellor specialising in the obssession of haberdashery purchases despite too few hours to complete the many project I have in my head…… on third thought WHO CARES! I don’t I JUST LOVE IT!

Curls n Skirls

What can ya say about Wednesday?  Middle of the week, hump day, half way to the weekend… I’m hoping it’s button delivery day. Yep!  Ordered more buttons from Laura at WitNWhimzy last  weekend.  Will keep you posted, Lovely Readers!

Not much else to report except several days spent slogging through researching updates for programs on-line, time spent downloading said updates & programs ~ all that computer infrastructure stuff. All taking just enough concentration so’s I couldn’t step away and cut out a pattern, or sew a seam… but wait a minute!  I’ve still got UFO’s…  ah-ha!  maybe they’ll do for now……..

Fasten your seat belts, Lovelies, & prepare for a rockin’ ride through the haberdashery & fabric stalls of an East End Market Saturday with my Secret Swap-Mate Samantha & her 2 daughters.  Have to recommend you look at all her photos, as they are priceless, and so are her…

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Don’t you just love stuff? Why don’t the Brits make beautiful colour and bling like this? Rocking the asian and Caribbean thingie


Mateen Fabrics

Mateen Fabrics

This one alone took over an hour to be sure we had seen what we needed to see and even then not everything, that’s for sure.
Wonderful young lady Sadaf attended to us, she was delightful and very helpful and more than happy for us to take pictures of the family bazaar. 7th Heaven.


Sewing Addict Fails to Seek Help WHY SHOULD I !!??

As a self confessed sewing addict/obssessive I have no shame in stating to the Planet yesterday I found myself in Haberdashery Heaven!!

Prepare to lose the will to live at the amount of pictures but I just had to share with you all the joys of Walthamstow Market in the East End of London.  Established in 1885 it is Europes longest street market and by gum is it worth every step. Some great haberdashery and fabric stalls BUT also shops, my giddy aunt I was near hyperventilation with excitement. Thank goodness I had phoned my eldest daughter the night before and asked if she fancied a jaunt into the East End.

My 2 daughters serve very different shopping purposes for me. The youngest is an utter colour and style guru whereas my eldest is super enthusiastic and this serves to futher my obssession. I have a full right hip replacement. osteo arthritis and degnerative disc disease ( please don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t…. am alive, kicking and SEWING as well as working to protect vulnerable families so no ahhhh’s needed here) anyway back to the point, strangely when faced with the sheer delights of Haberdashery Heaven it’s like morphine or the likes….no pain just a desire to get into every single shop have a quick reconisence, then once I have followed my usual modus operandi (yep all military terms …. it’s a military manouvre as you all will know) I then start back at the beginning and get into the serious buying and haggling bit. OM Gosh I love to haggle! 

Here is where eldest really comes into her own… excellent, in fact very best bag carrier. It’s important when rasing a child that they know their role in life, it gives them a sense of direction, belonging and self worth you know. Helping Mum is a life long lesson that I, as Mum can change the learning curve as and when necessary. They are clever girls, they manage to keep up with me :0)

Happy Mum equals Bank of Mum & Dad open most days!

Later in this update I will make specific mention to a couple of shops as the service was excellent and conversation an utter delight  AND the fabric choice was sublime. Whenever I trundle off into London I always have the best time so note to self is GO MORE OFTEN.

All this said, today I can barely move. Aches, pains etc but nothing can dampen my spirits, so many wonders purchased, just need to be able tp purchase time in the same way so I can complete all of my projects now! In addition to the fact that I had a superb set of ladies attend my Absolute Beginners workshop earlier this week, more on that later as well. What a wonderfully creative week so WHY SHOULD I be bothered about being the sewing addict who fails to seek help?

The only help I need is y’all continuing to support and follow me on my new blog, FB and Twit journey as it breathes joyous fresh oxygen into my life. THANK YOU XX

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