Let’s Bite Off More Than We Can Chew !

Started yet another infinity scarf, really enjoying them as I’ve hit my groove with the pattern so can sit in front of the tv and at the end of the evening I have a finished product. You can see a slight variation today, with half a ball of yarn left I was loathed to letting it go to waste and decided to see if there was enough to do a large shell stitch along each edge. There was! I had just 8″ of yarn left at the end so it was a close run thing 🙂

Have also started a test project for the baby bootie pattern that I posted pics of a wee while ago. Have read through the instructions and I see an issue with the finish that I am not happy about so I will attempt to overcome this with some of my much loved hand sewing but more of that when I have finished them. Then I will be able to declare victory or failure….. I am anticipating victory on this one and hope to report my success tomorrow night. Touch wood and whistle 🙂

In an attempt to keep my head in some sort of order I bought a 2014 diary 75% OFF in the sales…. perfect. This has kept me to some sort of schedule the past couple of days which is exactly what I need as I do rather seem to bite off more than I can chew and with a shocking memory things can get pretty chaotic in my house. Keep your fingers crossed for me that my little diary brings a bit of balance to my crazy world 😉

Have a groovy day dear reader x

Crochet, Cowl, Crazy !

With the success of the recent cowl/infinity scarf I wanted to further test the pattern on a chunky acrylic rather than a super chunky. As well as budgeting I wanted to see how it drapes. I didn’t channge the pattern at all just went at it and thought in for a penny in for a pound.  I have to say I am again delighted with the outcome.

The acrylic of course has a very different feel and in my world is a much friendlier yarn as I have an uncanny knack for shrinking ANYTHING with the slighest element of wool in it! This one drapes very fluidly and was made in just 2 hours, DD2 has modelled it for me and as you will see from the pictures, keeping her attention was a trick. Some film on the TV grabbed her attention just as I snapped one of the shots. Not grumbling though, the poor child is frequently called upon to model this, hold that, go grab this for me and so on. A great colour too so I think I may gift this to a good friend who I am seeing soon.

DD2 has put her order in for one in a teal shade and I have found the perfect yarn on a popular auction site, the 100g ball being nearly £2 cheaper per ball.  Mmmmm in fact I think I will order several colours as they don’t charge additional postage PLUS it saves me having to do battle with my brain on the whole going out issue, especially given that today, my first outing alone in a couple of months was a bit trying to say the least. The Post Office causing the most consternation, but that’s a whole different epic tale.

Digressing yet again ….. the whole point of the exercise is to be sure I am not putting something too challenging in front of my SMs as they are all novice. I am happy that this fits the bill beautifully as it will get the rhythm of the stitch going, grows very quickly ensuring an end product and with the pattern being simple and repetative it will help embed an important foundation stitch, the remaining foundation stitches will fall into place I am sure.

I submit yet another of my efforts to you great crafters and bloggers, hope you like it.

Ravelry Raver …. REALLY Recommend

Dearest Dellis at curlsnskirls pointed me towards Ravelry several weeks ago during a skype. I dipped in and liked what I saw, as a result my first ever real crochet project happened, a Minion Beanie which was well recieved by DD2.

You may recall from last Summer dear reader that I was fortunate enough to meet a fantastic group of ladies at a sewing workshop I ran. Well this same set of Super Mum’s have said they fancy a go at crochet and we have agreed to do a crochet coffee morning at one of the ladies homes. Currently we are sorting a date for one Saturday this month.

My usual stupid o’clock trick this morning, wandering aroundthe house like Billy No Mates! Thought to myself, now’s a good time to do a bit of research for the coffee morning. I needed to tick several boxes:

1. Good for beginners

2. Will produce an end result quickly to keep enthusiasm going

3. Not too demanding on my arthritic thumbs ( I look enough of a moron without extra help)

4. Cost effective for my Super Mum’s (SMs from here on in)

5. Practical

So with this list in mind I hit Ravelry.com and had a good old mooch around the free crochet patterns. As I am, I guess you would describe as an intermediate crocheter I was looking for something I would have wanted to be taught. Challenging enough but not so tough as to lose the will to live type project. Well I found it! A wonderful snuggly infinity scarf/cowl that is perfect for the UK winter as we are about to enter into the coldest part of our year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pattern has been designed by Stephanie Jessica Lau, find her wonderful blog here.

Enormous thanks to her for being generous enough to share with the world for free, being creative enough to come up with a simple yet very effective pattern and the easy to follow written and pictorial instructions.

Am keeping everything crossed that my SMs will approve of my choice….. if SMs are reading this blog TRUST ME you can do it, truly you can 😉

I did choose a rather pricey yarn but that was because I was being a petulent only child and had to do it NOOOOOW! Therefore HH had to take me to Hobbycraft on a Sunday to buy yarn. Wasn’t madly impressed by the selection their Milton Keynes branch have so settle for this very pretty coloured yarn despite it being costly.

The balls were only 50g and are 51% wool 49% acrylic, thus it is heavier and less yeilding than the pattern so in turn I used more than the pattern suggested …… this resulted in a second trip to Hobbycraft for extra balls!!! I am so lucky I have a very patient HH!

If I had everything in front of me from the getgo then this would have taken approx 3 hours to complete which I was delighted with. I’m not super fast with the old hook, it’s my thumbs you know (my story and I’m sticking to it).

For SMs think we will go with a chunky rather than super chunky, be way more organised and buy online as the savings are substantial here in the UK if you do it that way, again trimming some cost off. Currently amongst the great unemployed myself at the moment I am very mindful of making a £ stretch as far as possible (always have been careful in truth).

With SMs permission I will post some pictures here once we have had our coffee, crochet and chat 😉

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