Suffering For My Art ….. Final Countdown

Now I did actually crack on and do my sewing and jolly happy I am too with the performance of my overlocker, made the jersey an absolute breeze.

This said I am going to change the neckline a tad, not happy with how it sits on me. I have rather broad shoulders and shall we say NOT a swan like neck, therefore if a neckline is too round it makes me look like I have no neck at all, not flattering. Other than that I am really happy with this make and am certain the top will get plenty of varied use.

Finding the sewjo to get this minor adjustment sorted will be the trick. Within hours of almost finishing I was hit with one of those super winter virus things which means yesterday was my first day up and dressed. Currently sporting the panda look that is the usual for me after illness ( why do people like to point out how poorly I look when actually I feel loads better)? Am still a bit wobblie on the old legs and pretty weak and feeble hence the lack of sewjo.

Anticipate this weekend may offer a window of feeling not so sorry for myself to get that last adjustment made 🙂

Hope you are all well and warm brrrrr snow trying to sneak into South England 😉 and may the sewjo force be with you. X

Suffering For My Art ….. Part 1

After a lovely pot of tea with an even lovelier Amy (LA) at The Priory in Dunstable

yesterday I resolved to make a start on an old favourite. Met LA at one of my sewing workshops some time ago, she is an accomplished creative herself who suffers ‘writers block’ just like me! It was this tea and chat that made me decide to pull my finger out and try to find a jersey fabric that would suit the proposed batwing top.

Mission accomplished, a very light and fluid jersey that will suit many seasons I have set to the prep part. After what felt like a lifetime of trying to get the said fluid fabric to rest on my kitchen worktop otherwise known as my cutting out room, it became quite obvious the attractive fluidity of the fabric was now becoming a distinct pain in the backside :/

After several moments of employing the breathe and centre approach I had a full on tantrum which worked wonders. Merlin Moss the Monsterous pup was quivering in the wake of many expletives, this felt like the perfect time to evict him from the kitchen and hit the floor.

For those more able bodied than myself this may not seem so radical but for me and my titanium hip it’s living on the edge. Sprawling around on the floor knees paining something rotten I finally got the fabric under control, shame the same can’t be said for my body 🙂

Pinning and cutting completed just the wee task of getting back up. Thank goodness I have work surfaces both sides, with a bit of a pinball action I was upright again. Sore, stiff and satisfied …… I simply won’t be beaten by a piece of fabric EVER!

Assuming I can actually get out of bed tomorrow the make will commence and I hope to have part 2 ready to offer for your perusal.

Have a super Saturday evening dear reader and may you too be triumphant with any creative capers this weekend. Xx

Final Flurry Results In Fantastic Finish

Like a fine filly I was out of the starting gate super fast after receiving the patterns from the pattern pyramid. Pattern cut, pinned, 50 tailor tacks YES FIFTY!!!! Fabric cut and raring to go. I had so nearly lost the will to live but was rescued by a good natter via skype with a dear friend in the USA which was the tonic as I did battle with the FIFTY tailor tacks on the sleeve, did I mention there were FIFTY???? We chatted as we worked and eventually the pleats on the sleeve were good to go, matched and actually in the right direction too. RESULT!

Minor hurdle….it’s called sewing mojo, you may have heard about it and it’s illusive nature. The following morning was to be sewing day BUT I had forgotten that my Christmas tree was in the space that is designated sewing space any other time of the year, fuuuuurlop! Mojo gone, just like that. For over a week I have threatened to get the job finished, less filly and more like worn out old nag by now!

Well to be brutally honest by New Years Eve the Christmas tree was more than slightly getting on my nerves so down it came. Yeeeeeeeeha sewing machine back in situ.

Last night I sat down at 7.30 in the evening and made a start. By 9.30 it was finished bar a wee bit of hand sewing. Another example of it takes longer to think about than do. A little phrase I am all too familiar with and maybe one day I will learn, bite the bullet and DO IT NOW!

All in all I am pretty pleased with the finished article. The jersey fabric was a total mare to sew but it’s a small price to pay for a garment that is so comfortable. Plenty of stretch and give in the right places for fat/bloated days TODAY….. typical given it was photo the garment day. That one’s called Murphy’s law. (Call me rent a metaphor 😉 I can find a handy little ditty for most occasions).

In hindsight the design on the fabric is not great for one with curves, especially as many curves as I have today but I love the colours, a bit of cheer on these grey, wet and windy winter days.

Butterick 5564 proved very straight forward to make apart from the FIFTY tailor tacks and I would definitely make it again just in a less busy design. I can’t stress enough though how very comfortable this top is and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a straight forward make for casual wear.

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